Free Interactive Snowflake Generator (Quartz Composer Composition)

Here in Los Angeles the weather is currently sunny and warm – great for going to the park, but not so much for creating that Xmas/New Year’s Wintry feeling. Here’s a patch you can use to fill the room with snowy interactive goodness. Fire up your Projector, Big Screen TV, or Wrist-worn LCD Display and […]

Ribbons Elsewhere: Martenot Round-up

Photo: THEfunkyman, who has lots of other wonderful instruments in his galleries on Flickr. The Martenot is a bit like the Theremin’s sexy, friendly younger sister. If the Theremin is a tricky-to-drive race car, the Martenot is a sleek, road-ready coupe. (Okay, I’ve been watching way, way too much Top Gear.) Anyway, the Martenot gets […]

Peter Kirn - December 31, 2007

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