As good will spreads through the season, people are getting expressive with more than just paper. Toxi, aka Karsten Schmidt, sends along this Processing-based interactive 3d card: simple but elegant and definitely something different to find in your mailbox.

Postspectacular Xmas

You may need to “trust” the applet for 3D-in-browser, sadly (usually only the first time you run a Java app – but no worries, no actual security risk here). Still, it’s not hard to imagine a day soon where we pop little interactive greetings to each other’s mobiles. Well, not hard for me to imagine, anyway; maybe it’s the glow of this new Blackberry. But thanks to Karsten for all the skill and inspiration he’s offered over this year.

That’s actually not the only interactive card I got. Bubblyfish aka Haeyoung Kim sent an 8-bit holiday card out on her site. Next: a home-built card with homebrew, custom-programmed sound chip and LED array.

Hope everyone’s having lovely holidays. You have just under one week to build your own ball drop.