Overheard on Steve Cooley’s Twitter:

"I could care less if the dj is mixing with two paper plates and a twinkie" – derek scott

Sorry, controllerists.

I feel like I’ve had a window into the DJing world after manning the Artificial Eyes VJ rig as drunken people came up and told us they liked the music we were playing. (I attempted to show them the projectors, the identical visuals on the computer screen, the fact that we had neither decks, nor records, nor headphones for that matter . I pointed at my ears, then the DJs, then my eyes, than the screen. No dice. Usually I don’t experience this, as I’m VJing from the opposite room, or in a closet, or something.)

Of course, you know what this means: time for a CDM challenge.

If you can send us footage of you DJing with two paper plates and a Twinkie (Arduino optional), we will see you as a minor God.

Photo: Peter Kelly Studios, via Flickr.