Amidst the social networking crap, there are gems offering real resources. Nextcat lies somewhere between LinkedIn and MySpace, offering places to connect with professionals in a range of fields. The site was founded by two Berklee College of Music alums, an alma mater for a number of our readers. I’m guessing "modeling" applies to very few of you, but music is included, and now the games industry, as well, including music and audio for games and related careers. (Our own W. Brent Latta broke into that field while writing for CDM.)

Nextcat seems to do a pretty good job of attracting serious people; there are some useful looking folks already in the gaming section. And as far as I know, this is one of the few places that people in the industry can network. With gaming increasingly alongside industries like film, and music — as always — interfacing with all other art forms, I think this shows some real promise for future resources, as well.