New VST Release: Broken Drum Machine (really) for Windows

Luigi Felici and the folks over at Nusofting have put the finishing touches on Broken Drum Machine– a VST synth that emulates quite well the sounds and function of a circuit-bent or otherwise broken drum machine. As they describe it, “To the fact that the broken sound is desirable. Yes! Knobs turn for satisfaction defective!”

MIDI Jacks, Radio Shack, Economic Theory, and Invisible Hands

What is the sound of an invisible hand playing a MIDI controller? Yes, in the latest evidence that the Interwebs really are Douglas Adams’ imagined Infinite Improbability Drive, a conversation from CDM’s humble forums about the economics of Radio Shack and MIDI jacks has led to a blog response from a non-musician defending the true […]

Peter Kirn - January 31, 2008

Savvy Stretching: Free Pixel-Resizing Tools, But What About Real-Time, Video?

It’s a beach. Now, it’s a more longer beach. Hmmm… too bad you can’t do this to the real world. “Content-aware” image resizing — the ability to stretch images without distortion — is all the rage. vade covered the technology at last summer’s SIGGRAPH, and we’ve since seen publicly-available tools. But the New York Times […]

Peter Kirn - January 31, 2008

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