If you haven’t been reading the ongoing controversy over the Minimoog Voyager Old School, here’s the best part of the comments yet. Original internal slogan for the project:

“Got Balls?”

I couldn’t let anyone miss that. (Hey, I think it could have worked as an ad campaign.) I’m not going to touch the debate any more; if you don’t like the Voyager OS, you’ll use something else. But I will say, useful as presets and MIDI are, it is possible to make music without them.

Hmm, I can come up with a few alternate slogans for other products we saw:

The not-yet-functional LinnDrum II prototype: “Silence is golden.”

Camoflage X-50 Korg: “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit …”

Roland’s C-30 digital harpsichord? Um, well, “Are you old school?” really covers that one.