We’ve all seen newspeople interviewing the “average guy on the street” with this sort of device affixed to the handle of their mic:
collage_3 - Twango
Ever wanted to add a veneer of professionalism to your otherwise ameteurish audio/video production? It’s easy! Here’s how:

First things first- you could just buy a blank one, but where’s the fun in that?

The CDM staff wanted a mic flag for use at the upcoming NAMM show, and I couldn’t say no to a MAKE-type challenge. Liz McLean-Knight clued me in to this instructional Youtube video:

I found the video to be a bit overly complicated, but it gives you the general idea. You need a small box with a hole through the top and bottom, and you pack the interior with foam to hold the mic snugly. No sweat (theoretically).

I’ve had this little metal project box hanging around for a long time, and it was the perfect shape. A bit of measuring, guessing, and heavy Dremel action gave me a nice mic-sized (if irregular) hole through the center. After a quick consultation with Peter, the decision was made to emulate the feel of this vintage NBC flag. (NBC logo photo from vintagemicflags.com, which has lots of other mic flag images.)

collage_2 - Twango

Two coats of black paint later, I was ready to affix the CDM logos. A little bit of paint touch-up, making sure the foam is perforated to allow the mic tight passage, and ta-da! My Superscope condenser is a little slim for the flag, but Peter’s Shure Beta 87C should fit like a glove.

collage_3 - Twango

All we need now is a big, foamy windscreen for those hard-hitting reports…