Euophonix MC Mix control surface

Euphonix MC Control

An anonymous readers tips us off on new control surfaces from Euphonix, a maker usually known for products at the higher end of the market. Whether this was an intentional post or not (it looks like you can pre-order the product), it’s definitely something new, and could mean you get a little Euphonix love in your home studio in the "affordable by mortals" territory.

We’ll be reporting from NAMM, so I’ll be sure to drop by Euphonix and see if we can see these up close and personal.

Reader X writes:

Doing some searching for studio control surfaces at turned up the following two product listings — which oddly enough aren’t anywhere on Euphonix’s web site, nor have they even been announced yet, to my knowledge – there’s been no news or blogging about them whatsoever. Could this be an accidental leak? If anything, they seem to represent a real breakthrough in price-performance and they look pretty slick…

Euphonix MC Control — a slim-profile control surface with 4 moving faders and a dynamic touchscreen display, plus hardware jog/shuttle wheel, list $1999, retailing for $1499, or roughly 1/10th of their flagship MC Pro DAW controller. (!)

Euphonix MC Mix — a $999 surface with 8 moving faders and parameter-editing displays; I presume this could be used in conjunction with the MC Control much like a Mackie Expander, etc.

Both of them use the EuCon protocol so I guess you’d need compatible software (logic pro over logic express, for instance).

Those links are live as I write this. Looks like potentially good stuff, and at a price that starts to be competitive with products like Mackie Control.