Open-source darling of the PC VJ world, OpenTZT is calling out for developers.

Our plea is going out to any Coders out there that would be interested on working on the OTZT codebase, or if anyone knows of anyone that might. I’m hoping to be able to reward anyone that takes the challenge on both financially and respectfully on a per task basis (yes thats right I’m offering money per function added or update made). Things that need doing range from basic (adding level sliders/values to each p/layer) though to difficult (adding native flash support, switching the code from DX7 to DX8/9).

(from MoRpH on VJForums).

I haven’t used it personally, but saw some great OpenTZT-powered sets at ByteMe festival’s PlugNPlay night, this is definitely a good cause. (Thanks Grigori)