Jack Dark himself

If you like your plug-ins extreme and dangerous — like causing bodily injury to pregnant women and children dangerous — here’s some good news from you. Legendary (or perhaps infamous) Windows VST plug-in developer Jack Dark has decided to leave the scene, and he’s leaving his source projects for plug-ins released on DarkWare and (later) Novuzeit:

All DarkWare & NOVUZEIT SynthEdit source files, here, free. [KVR Audio forums]

That’s dangerous as in sonically and, uh, technologically. And digging into the source means finding still more of the technological avant-garde. Jack explains:

One word of warning though, I never intended for anyone else to see the guts of these projects. As such don’t expect the .SE1 layouts to be clean and elegantly organized. That’s not how I worked. I always created at the speed of thought.

Jack is one of the punks of plug-ins, with creations like Hypnotastic, Hands of Darkness, Nuclear Cranium, and The Nightmare Machine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But if you can decode the Dark arts here, you could make some electric mayhem of your own. Thanks, Runagate!