Any CDM readers who live in Chicago should check this out- it’s a weeklong festival exploring/celebrating sound design, motion graphics, and the overlapping regions occupied by both.

In addition to the week’s worth of discussions and skillsharing classes, there will be two “showcase” nights, Saturday Jan. 19th and Sunday Jan. 20th. For those interested, I will be exhibiting two audiosculptural pieces, Octophonopod and Snowy Day during the event on Saturday. There’s a riduculous amount of talent on both nights, amounting to some of the most fresh and innovative people working in sound and motion graphics today.

[- Michael Una]

Sound in Motion :: Sound Design in Chicago :: Jan 15-21


( Design | Sound | Code ) .: in motion

A full week of buzzing digital media creation will be showcased starting Tuesday, January 15th through Monday, January 21st 2008, at several venues downtown Chicago.

MGFest 08 features two world-premier theater screenings, multiple post-production studio tours, audio/visual art exhibits, a/v performances, six days of motion design / sound design / and motion programming classes.

This year the festival focuses on Sound by offering several events and classes about Sound Design.  Sound design and musical accompaniment has always been an integral part of film and video, especially in the realm of motion graphics. This thread delivers classes with audio production experts, exploring sound design for the moving image.

Sound in Motion Events


Sat Jan 19 : Sound Installation Art Showcase


A transforming synaesthesia of sound | visuals | interactive | social integrated into an unparalleled media+art event in Chicago’s Wicker Park. MGFest08 begins a tradition of full-scale environmental design, bringing together a massive range of creative talents to inspire, awe, and activate your mind. From stereo 360-degree VR pods to an underground cavern of sound, come see this diverse assembly of media+art visions. Sound Artist Feature : Michael Una.


Sun Jan 20 : Realtime Showcase Concert


Featuring electronic music created live using realtime audio equipment (Live PA). Fifteen minute rotating performances by Waveplant, Protman, Lokua, Garo, and Slava.



Sound in Motion Classes


Tue Jan 15 : Introduction to Ableton Live
By Moment Sound @ Ascend Training


Wed : Motion Graphics Summit Day 1
Ableton Live demonstration by Mason Dixon, SAIC


Thr : Motion Graphics Summit Day 2
Surround Sound for Dummies by Bob Bennett, ARU Chicago


Fri Jan : Audio Production in Apple Logic
by Underscore Music @ Columbia College


Sat : ProTools for Post-production
by Andrew Twiss @ Harold Washington College


Sun : Audio Circuit Bending
by Alexander Inglizian @ Chicago Art Department


Students that attend all 6 days will receive a Applied Motion Certification from the Imagination College.

These events celebrate creative minds and bright ideas within the emerging media landscape. Whether your a hard-core geek, a dedicated composer, a designer, film-maker, artist, engineer, programmer, educator, aficionado, prosumer, hobbyist, or just someone who likes being close to the creative community, mgFest is for you. The festival has become a destination for creative professionals from all over the Midwest and the nation by attracting the meshwork of companies and individuals that surround creative motion-picture design.

Socialize at one or all of the night events while experiencing multimedia art, video and sound in synch. Watch some of the past years most creative shorts or travel thru alternate dimensions in video art. Come mingle with local art directors and advertising executives, or discuss the technical operations of a professional edit bay and graphics shop with seasoned veterans of the industry. Listen to panels on the newest advancements in delivery technology affecting every media professional. Attend cutting edge classes of your choice within the realms of motion design, sound design and programming. Awaken your creativity at the Imagination College.

( Design | Sound | Code ) .: in motion

Check out for the most current festival information.