Or, I should say, vim, vigor, vivaciously vivid vertex vitality, vivisected for your voraciously voyueristic viewing in vvvv.

VertexNoise[take2] from desaxismundi on Vimeo.

This beautiful work comes from French-based desaxismundi, who’s also on Flickr. I’m always struck when similar, elemental techniques can yield unique results.

vvvv, for those who don’t know it, is a cult-hit software application for Windows. Like Max/MSP/Jitter and Pd/GEM, it uses virtual patch cords to create modular setups for visuals (video and 3D). But unlike those OpenGL-based packages, vvvv is built around Windows and DirectX. That doesn’t matter so much — what’s important is that vvvv has some unique strengths of its own, and a passionate following pushing its capabilities to the bleeding edge.

vvvv group @ Vimeo