Daniel Wilcox is “Robot Cowboy”:

Robot Cowboy

“A futuristic expatriate American Space Ranger combines wearable computing, midi guitar, and live energy to wander the digi-range as a robotcowboy playing for dying astronauts. This is a lofi-guitar-compu-show with algorithmic balls from a DEVOspud, laptop-stomping idiot wearing exposed electronics.”

Check out Robot Cowboys YouTube channel, specifically : Video Killed the Radio Star Karaoke. In the “Future”, all VJs must wear helmets as awesome as Robot Cowboys. AND IT SHALL BE.

It does not get any better than this folks. I would attempt to write more, but words fail me. I can only utter “awesome” over and over.

See more at Robot Cowboy, check out his “Wearable Audio Visual Unit” project and Robot Cowboy @ myspace. Well played sir, well played.