I couldn’t be more excited than I am now about the future of After starting out in the shadow of, CDMo has some good stuff coming, and we owe that to your enthusiasm, feedback, and the great work you’re doing. To do all that we really want, and to continue to support CDM’s cost in hosting, bandwidth, time, and other resources, we do need your support. I address that in some detail on Create Digital Music, so do read there for a complete picture of where we’re at, and where I’m at, as we look forward on CDM.

We Need Your Help: Support CDM’s Future

Create Digital Motion does face some unique challenges: the live visual community remains in its infancy, which is why, in comparison to countless websites and dozens of print publications for digital music production, there’s almost nothing specific to live VJs and visuals. Reader support is more important than ever.

If I’m going to ask for your support, though, I want to give even more back. We’d love to spend more time on development and content to make Create Digital Motion far more than it is. Support for CDM — even if you can only spare a couple of dollars, which we understand as working visualists — is a vote for that future. We’ll keep you updated on how that’s going and what we’re working on.

If you can give us support, we do appreciate it — and be sure to include in comments that you’re a CDMo reader. But most of all, we appreciate you as readers. Thanks for your help.