Correction: the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin is not making a preview of all the bands playing the festival this year, so someone else has done it for them (Thanks, Wells in comments, for setting me straight). But, hey, perhaps this not-so-kosher torrent will lead you to some good music — or, best of all, motivate you to go hear someone live. I’m sure somewhere in there there’s even an electronic artist or two. You’ve got 700 songs — nearly 4 GB of stuff. Just get ready to hit the “skip” button to find the stuff you like.

Use it as a preview of what you want to hear if you’re lucky enough to be going to Austin, or use it as a free virtual South by Southwest and save on the hotel, air, and pass costs.

SXSW Showcasing Music Torrents

via: South By Southwest (SXSW) 2008 700 Song Torrent [GarageSpin]

In fact, if you are going to Austin, let me know — I’d love to have a write-up of the music portion, as I’m going just to interactive / film / gaming.

Photo: Hometown Invasion Tour.