NAMM08: Volt Per Octave Play the Moog Music Booth from cdm tv on Vimeo.

Husband-and-wife synth duo — and Moog superfans — Nick and Anna Montoya were helping out at the Moog Music booth this year and NAMM. Their greatest responsibility: making sure synthy good vibrations emanated from all that hardware through the day. We picked up a bit of their performance, which was able to rise above the din of the trade show floor.

You may have spotted Anna modeling the Minimoog Oldschool for us. Assuming everyone, as I do, has the Moog Musician Trading Cards — yeah, I’ve even got rookie cards for Keith Emerson and Walter Carlos — I figured our readers knew Anna (and Nick, for that matter) are very taken. When some folks decided Anna was hot and wondered if the Old School was not, Nick chimed in:

I spent all weekend with the OS prototypes… They sound dope !!

And even though it has the same analog board as the Voyager, it does sound a bit closer to the Model D. Somewhere in between the two.

And BTW, yes my wife IS VERY HOT 😉 !!!!

Steve Fortner did a short Music Makers piece on the duo:

The Volt Per Octaves

See more videos of the Octaves on YouTube (in better, non-trade show environs)

We did hear in comments that, as always, the current generation of Moog synths aren’t for everyone. But, of course, we know people can be passionate about any tool to make music – witness the Reaktor and Reason tattoos.