Free VJ Clips: MoRpH Releases First of Series on

Australian VJ MoRpH is planning to release a pack of free videos each month leading up to a European tour in August. CDMo readers may have seen some of MoRpH’s work projected on buildings in the intro to our VMS video. The first pack is now available on (Screenshots here). (Update: Follow-up pack released). […]

Ableton’s Robert Henke, And Why Sometimes Less (‘Fidelity’) is More

Ableton co-founder and general visionary Robert Henke (also known as Monolake) gave a full-length workshop in New Zealand recently. If you’re up for 90 minutes of discussion of musical and sonic techniques in Live, plus a look at his unique Monodeck controller, the whole video is there. But that’s not the main reason the video […]

Peter Kirn - March 21, 2008

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