Tron, Shot Real for Real By Fans – No CG

Tronby freres-hueon   Want to learn how to pull off graphics? Make it work with optical and real for real first. Tron may have been a pioneering moment in computer graphics, but a lot of its unique look came from unique optical effects on a scale not seen before or after. The glowing screen was […]

Phonautographs and Recording with a Dead Guy’s Ear

One curious note about the first-ever recording I mentioned today: you’re among the first to hear it, because at the time, the inventor had worked out how to record, but not how to play anything back. (No speakers — no sound.) It did make awfully nice pictures of sound, though, which in turn suggests an […]

Peter Kirn - March 27, 2008

Free OLPC Samples Should be Available Soon

For those of you who haven’t already discovered this, yes, the server with samples from the OLPC project is in fact struggling under the load. (It was already in trouble just from the attention of the Csound list, let alone CDM and Boing Boing!) We’re in touch with that team, and hope to have news […]

Peter Kirn - March 27, 2008

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