St. Patrick’s Day always warms my half-Irish heart. The YouTubers are celebrating by watching user PJ TinWhistler doing his best to bang out Irish Jigs on his Nintendo DS. Give him a few moments to warm up, and it’s actually relatively impressive. (As it happens, the DS gamepad isn’t exactly the most ergonomic musical interface, but he makes do. And he is actually a Celtic musician, not just a DSer.) He diffuses any potential criticism by saying: “This video is boring and sucks. So I don’t need you to tell me.”

He writes in the description:

I finally found an instrument I can play at night without waking up the neighbours. It’s the DS game “Daigasso Band Brothers”.  And here I try to play some jigs before messing up. I think they are:
The Lark on the Strand / Killavil Jig / Jim Ward’s / Geese in the Bog.
Many mistakes but it’s quite hard with all the ornaments and the speed so I guess it’s good enough for a few days of practice. (Damn, I failed the F# attempt…)(By the way, I was holding the camera with my neck.)

Stomp along, everybody!

Now, anyone got Bulgarian folks songs performed on a PSP?