Daft who? In case you haven’t heard, the “it” French duo of the moment is Justice. Sure, they may not have a giant light-up pyramid on tour, but, their new album was one of the records we couldn’t stop listening to in 2007 (as opposed to Daft Punk, still riding the momentum of tunes we haven’t gotten out of our heads in years). Their new video is terrific eye candy for those with fond memories of 1980s bumpers, the sparkly titles aired by movie studios and cable TV networks. Good times.


I enjoyed this enough that I was curious if readers could spot nods to other spots (the UA logo is in there, for one):

From an Age Before CG: Justice Video Recalls Vintage HBO Motion Graphics [Create Digital Motion]

Now, with all of those, erm, words in this video, I’m sure fans will soon be labeling various body parts and doing their own videos.