Whether in three-dimensional videos or paper sculptures, artist Martin Böttger manipulates organic, fluid geometry like a child with blocks. An artist working with Maya, vvvv, and Processing, his work demonstrates that even simple elements can yield a variety of creative products.

“Transformer” is an intentional nod to the robots and movie — with good reason; Martin seems like the type who could design you a robot that changes into a truck:

Here’s a showreel montage with more:

But adeptness with virtual forms doesn’t stop Martin from creating delicate paper sculptures that make sound, modeled on their virtual counterparts:

The timing is nice for me — I was just assembling some examples in 3D and sound for classes and gigs, and this is both a kick in the pants and a meal for the eyeballs.

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Via the CDMo Flickr group, which offers still more inspiration.