Musics and Other Stuff on One Page at Alltop; How Do You Read?

RSS readers can be terrific; I use FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, both of which recently became free. (Yeah, after I bought them.) But sometimes it’s just too much to wade through RSS, especially after you get back from vacation. Alltop, a site headline aggregator, recently added CDM to its music page, and I’ve started using it […]

MIDI Software Plug-ins, Many Free, For Your MIDI Processing Needs

Sure, what with it being 2008 and all, “plug-in” to many people means audio processing. But what if you want an arpeggiator? Or something to harmonize incoming notes, or match them to scales? Or … well, just about anything else you can do with pitch and time with MIDI, from utilities to music effects? And […]

Peter Kirn - April 3, 2008

Elsewhere: Korg ZERO8 Mixer Video Review

Adam Dworak aka DJ Destruction writes to let us know he’s finished a video review of the ZERO8: Via the DJ Destruction blog. About halfway through, he gets to some hands-on demos with the internal effects and controllers, which demonstrates some of what makes the ZERO8 unique. Thanks for sharing this one, Adam! Adam’s rig […]

Peter Kirn - April 3, 2008

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