image Ready to blow your mind with a little vintage electronic experimentalism? Thought so. UK producer, filmmaker, and light-show artist (among other things) Ian Helliwell decided to crate dive some early pioneering efforts in recording, and Tone Generation, a ten-part podcast series, is the result. So far, Tone Generation has landed in Great Britain and France. Tonight, they voyage to Germany. Italy is up next — and then, beyond.

The creators describe the program thusly:

Over 10 programmes, artist/musician Helliwell delves into his archive to look at the development of electronic music right across the world in the classic era of analogue technology. Starting in Europe and finishing up in the Southern Hemisphere, he will be playing vintage tracks from celebrated and overlooked composers from each country.
This week Ian visits Germany and plays music by Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Walter Ruttmann and Gyorgy Ligeti.
Broadcast on Resonance FM at 19.30 GMT or available as a podcast from

Direct downloads for the first three shows:

Great Britain



And you can even join an event on Facebook. I suggest holding a seance – slash – Dead Composers’ Club.

The program is produced by Simon James, seen previously on CDM:

Bob Moog, Celebrated in Sound: Over an Hour of Moog Music, Moog Moments

… and he contributed to our 2006 1-second music contest, too.