We’re still accepting entrants to the Futuristic Music Design Challenge at Yuri’s Night Bay Area. It’s a chance to showcase your personal musical hardware and/or software creation in a live performance competition. You’ll definitely take home some swag and get a free pass to the event. If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll come home with a new Yamaha Tenori-On from CDM.

1. Check out the competition details and rules.

2. Fill out an entry form on Google Docs. (Save your responses, just in case something goes wrong.)

3. Drop us a line to let us know you filled out the entry form.

We likely won’t be able to take everyone, so we’ll notify you if you’ve been accepted. Deadline is officially Monday April 7, but the sooner we get entries, the better, so don’t wait.

While we can’t offer any physical prizes, we’re also interested in people who can’t make it, but have work you’d show if you could. So if you’ve got some amazing, futuristic music design — as always on this site — we’d love to see it. If it’s in any way related to ecology and the environment, the planet, space, or space exploration, be sure to launch it to our email box now.