Visual Berlin have just announced their “µ:avit”, a one-day vj meet amongst their ongoing shenanigans at the DMY design fair. Expect a community-led, do-it-yourself feel and a day full of faces-to-names and interesting works. I’ll be there running a full-day Quartz Composer workshop, and the action is sure to run till late via club gigs and suchlike.

VB’s form is good: their last big organising effort, “AViT>C23”, went down really well – check the photo gallery and the archived site has a list of people’s reports.

There is a press release here, and the website is fresh online at So fresh in fact, that the organisers haven’t even added themselves as participants yet! So, I’d say if you want to spend a fun and rewarding day in Berlin, book the 24th and go sign up on the website.