CDMo reader Seej has been getting rather DIY projection, with instructions on how to build a portable projector screen, and a DIY projector mount.

Seej projects » Blog Archive » Build a Portable Screen.jpg

I do a lot of projection installations, in unique locations, usually with about zero setup time. When I looked into buying a professional 10’x7’ “fast-fold” screen, I was blown away by how much they cost. Instead, I decided to design my own, using easy to find materials.

The Challenge:
1. Fast to set-up
2. Fits in a cab
3. Front or rear projection
4. Affordable

We’ve seen a similar projector mount before at VJKungFu, but Seej’s version seems to be even easier. A couple of these would have saved countless setup hours for me over the last year.

So, the next step is to make this even cheaper: Does anyone have a source for cheap ball joint heads and clamps?