I’ve posted my first two videos for the Vixid@CDM Minisite. These cover both the ridiculously basic – how to get started with the VJX – and the reasonably advanced – using cameras, midi and Ableton Live to create a seamless-scrolling effect across two projectors:

Vixid 101 – The Basics: Inputs, Outputs, Routing, Blend Modes, Compositing
Multi-projector Spanning: Cameras, Cables, Midi and Ableton Live

Aside from the exciting possibilities this opens, I’m also happy about the Vixid 101 video as it uses a rather strange aspect resolution – 500x600px – which allowed me to display both the physical view of what’s being done to the mixer and the output.

This is all quite new for me, I don’t have much practice actually talking to cameras, so I’d love to hear your feedback. Is the format working for you? Does my trim-every-extraneous-second editing style scare you? Would you like to see more videos like this on CDMo?