A vvvv-based Wii music patch, (CC) by illogico. Check out the thesis project.

Visual patchers love the fact that they can create sophisticated stuff just using on-screen patch cords. But when you want to go beyond the capabilities of the default set of objects — and for solving certain problems more elegantly — code is the way to go. Code your own objects, and you get the best of both worlds. So the news that vvvv is adding a facility for easily creating your own objects (or "nodes" as they’re called in vvvv-speak) is good news, indeed. (Jitter and Pd have similar extensibility, though having looked at what’s necessary to write a Jitter object, you may or may not want to … go there. This does look quite a bit easier, for simple tasks, at least.)

Phl shares some additional resources in comments on our previous story, so I want to make sure you don’t miss these.

sourceforge site with the first plugins (go to code -> svn browse)

VVVV Plugin HowTo

Plugin Forum for more questions

Note that you can use any language you like. I do like the open source SharpDevelop they mention here. For any of you who think Windows doesn’t have a fledgling open source community of its own, think again — perhaps because of the glut of working Windows-based programmers, there’s actually quite a lot going, arguably more than on Mac. And C# is a nice language for this kind of task.

Seriously, let us know if you build anything; we’d love to see it!