Wii Rock Band Controllers + Mac: Use junXion, Game-to-MIDI Controller Tool

A new version of Rock Band (for Wii) means still more ways to turn these game controllers into musical or visual performance instruments. Jordan Balagot writes with some hands-on experience using junXion, a wonderful tool for adapting game controllers to MIDI or OpenSoundControl. (junXion also works with Wiimotes and nunchucks, audio inputs and pitch sensors, […]

This Week on Vixid.Noisepages: Feedback. Lots of Feedback.

I’ve spent much of my VJ time this week mesmerized by feedback effects in the VJX16-4. Vixid Feedback Testing – Electroguy with Astronaut BBQ Party from Jaymis on Vimeo. I’ve been documenting the more interesting combinations I found, and have put together an initial VJX feedback overview video. Vixid Advanced: Feedback Setup and Demo from […]

Jaymis Loveday - June 29, 2008

Weekend Reader Link Roundup: Global VJ Map, Australian AV DVD, VJ Publication

Here’s a couple of links which were sent in by CDMo readers over the weekend: Zac pointed out the Frappr VJ Map, showing visualists from all around the planet. Kat sent through an email from Timon, who is working on a VJ publication entitled VisualJockey (and is looking for submissions). Finally, Mitchell is sending through […]

Jaymis Loveday - June 29, 2008

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