Gas0095, the landmark 90s ambient release by Mat Jarvis (Gas / High Skies), is back in a remastered version. If you know the music, you’re probably already thrilled by the return of this epic sonic world; if not, even non-ambient fans are likely to get a kick out of the spacey, synthy goodness. (Best press quote: “the ideal soundtrack to an IMAX film on the history of space travel.” You had me at IMAX.)

Paul from Microscopics (the label) writes to tell us they’re sweetening the pot with a 1/8 scale Minimoog freebie for all June preorders. (Nanomoog?) It’s brilliant marketing. In Japan, rampant piracy and a general fascination with toys long ago prompted music stars to give away goodies with albums, sometimes dwarfing the size of the album itself. Oh, sure, you could grab album X off a pirate torrent stream – no toy for you. If MSN Music had given away action figures or something, I expect things would have gone differently. Next, I want to see a functioning synth bundled with an album.

Still not sold? Check out this fantastic video for the spectacular microscopic, set to “A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero.” Before Google Earth, the office of Charles and Ray Eames made this poetic statement on scale macroscopic and microscopic, one of a series of short films that came out of their studio in the post-war decades. (And you thought they just made iconic chairs.) The score fits so well with the film, you’d swear they were released together in 1977. (Also seen via Synthwire.)

Gas0095 Music Page 

Album preorder for US$16 (EUR13/GBP10) gets you the Minimoog model, instant MP3 version, free shipping, and good space karma. Also available as FLAC.

Here’s the free track, microscopic:


Updated – offer extended: If you missed getting the free Minimoog model and still want it, Microscopics have extended the offer, exclusively for Create Digital Music readers. Paul writes:

"If they enter the code in the ‘Add special instructions for the Merchant‘ field in PayPal, we’ll extend the offer until July 14th.