image Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. MIDIFY is a DIY board that lets you add MIDI to any Nintendo handheld game console – DS, DS Lite, GBA, GBA-SP, and (with some extra parts) other devices – even microwave ovens.

US$34.99, a scant 2 oz, and you even get a MIDI cable. Wire that sucker in, and you can assign MIDI messages however you like, including either omni or channelized modes. This is a very direct solution: the board actually outputs signal directly into whatever you wish to control.

Midify Product Page; story broken by hahafresh 

It’s fitting that in this twenty-fifth anniversary year of MIDI, the MIDIFY would be used to turn a microwave oven into a MIDI-controlled device. Synths and corn dogs – yes, folks, MIDI is truly delicious. (via Matrixsynth)