3L has been in the wild for 2 weeks now, so I’m expecting to see some work from new users appearing online soon.

Since launch the artificialeyes crew have kept themselves busy. ExiledSurfer has been posting plenty of new content, example clips and screencast tutorials. I particularly enjoy the talking head screencast recorded from within 3L, using the Apple webcam to drop a little talking head into the preview window.

3LU Sophomore: Capture an Object + Feedback from professor thrill on Vimeo.

These videos have been collected into a Thrill University section of the site. This is being supplemented with live tutorials, the first of which happens 12 hours from now (GMT1300, Thursday) on the 3LU page (which will even remind you via email when the session is about to start). I’m going to be there to increase my 3L knowledge, it would be great to see some other CDMers as well.

There’s also a 3L channel on CDMo’s favorite online video service, Vimeo. CDM makes a little appearance in the 3L channel, as I was able to finally edit the bulk of the “3L Sessions” videos we shot with Michael in Perth last year. There’s over an hour of video in the 3L Sessions album, covering the history of 3L, and an extensive tour through the interface and capabilities of the software. Through the magic of Vimeo, these are all downloadable, so you can use them to guide your first steps with Thrill.

3L Sessions 1 – History from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

3L Sessions 2 – The Slider from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.

3L Sessions 3 – Interface Tour.
3L Sessions 4.1 – Shapes, Models, Mapping, Deform.
3L Sessions 4.2 – Processes, Particles, Colour, Objects, Effects, Camera.
3L Sessions 4.3 – Lighting and Multiples.
3L Sessions 5 – Font Synth, DVR, Audio + Graph Modules, Graph Morphing, Step Sequencer.

It’s great to see a developer working so hard on documentation, which is often lacking on “indie” projects. In fact, the only thing lacking now is 3L output from other users! I’m as guilty of this as anyone, having had a big head start with the software I still don’t have any output online. I aim to change that this evening, see you there!