Aurora: Gorgeous, Open Source DJ-Style USB Controller; Details from the Creators

The Aurora 224 is a DJ-style controller geared for software like Ableton Live. The design is, as you can see, gorgeous: not only is it at the high end of aesthetics in open gear, but it celebrates its DIY nature by exposing the circuit board. It’s USB powered, and offers easy mixing control functions in […]

Non-Digital Inspiration: Flipbooks at Etsy

Lots of motion in the non-digital world can inspire digital visuals. (Hey, that pretty much sums up all digital photography and videography, eh?) Keeping with this theme, I’m really taken by the flipbook work featured by my friend Bre Pettis at’s online magazine: The Flipbooks of Etsy: Motion Picture Objects [The Storque] Bre has […]

Peter Kirn - July 9, 2008

Ableton Live Beer; Music Tech Beverage Nominees

Ben Rogerson and the blokes at Future Publishing / in the UK got a nice piece of swag: a Pilsner, to be specific. Thank UK distributor Focusrite for this one (which I assume means the brew has not yet graced Ableton’s office here in NYC.) They did miss the obvious opportunity to offer an […]

Peter Kirn - July 9, 2008

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