We hear a lot about remix culture, but what does it actually mean – and does it mean anything? The founders of RemixAmerica.com hope to promote video mash-up as political discourse, by feeding Web denizens clips historical and new and remix, videocasting, and discussion tools. They’re lucky enough to have Sanford and Son and People for the American Way pioneer Norman Lear at their helm, too. We’ve got the story over on Create Digital Motion:

A New Online Community Focuses on Political Video Mashing; Here’s America Gone Psychedelic

I do want to point specifically to the video from Emergency Broadcast Network co-founder Brian Kane, particularly because of the musical score, by out-there electronic maestro David Last of Brooklyn. It’s a remade look at America’s 200th birthday, via animator Vincent Collins, and it illustrates just how important the sound of the remix can be.

Well, that and pulsing pink psychedelic Americana is just the thing for the after-4th of July week and election season here in the US. A good watch, all around.

I believe digital culture is about more than just remixes, and that buzzwords sometimes get ahead of the actual work. But part of what brings back the power of sampling is a return to its roots in political discussion – whatever your point of view may be, making some noise. Got other examples? Got a trippier animated film than the one above? Call them out in comments.

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