I’ve just posted a video to Vixid.Noisepages investigating the VJX’s Crop effect.

Vixid Crop Effect Automation from Create Digital Media on Vimeo. Music by pornophonique.

The movements in this video were controlled via VDMX (site | CDMo tag). I’ve been really enjoying VDMX’s modular interface as a method for quickly prototyping and testing midi control routings. The ability to create Waveforms, Oscillators and Sliders, and then link them together with Behaviour chains.

VDMX controlling Vixid via Midi

This all allows me to try out complex control routing and to switch parameters around quickly, without the hassle associated with patching environments such as PD or Max/MSP. VDMX isn’t the silver bullet for creating your own software midi interface – Max was needed to generate the discrete, precisely timed messages for my VJX Bullet Time tests – but it does give you the ability to quickly put together systems using audio reactivity, tempo, step-sequencing, and complex math-driven slider interactions.

If you’re already using VDMX, I’ve uploaded the above project (.zip file) for others to take for a spin, and hopefully modify.

If you haven’t given VDMX a spin, you can get the demo from Vixvox, and still load my project file.