You know it when you see it: media starting to actually evolve past what you expect, mimicking each other, and pushing at the obvious sense of what they are. One particularly exciting trend is real-world, kinetic sculptures influenced by digital media and taking on new movements and shapes. It’s the kind of thing I hope will push those of us working in software and projection to push back and make our medium look different, too.

Via Toxi, here’s just that kind of work, a kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum. I find it “interesting” immediately, but the poster notes that things get even more fun a minute in.

The work comes from our friends at wildly-talented design house ART+COM, one of a number of interactive installations they designed for the museum in Munich. Previous creations of theirs include the moving floating.numbers in 2004 for the Jewish Museum, and an exhibition that let visitors enter an alien world at the London Science Museum.

Here’s the official video, with annoying music – hit mute and put on a favorite track for a better effect:

Also seen on Engadget.

And BMW in general seems to be fans of kinetic sculpture in general. They shot this terrific-looking ad using Theo Jansen’s insect-like, walking sculptures: