PS4VJ: Homebrew VJ Software on PlayStation 2 Game Systems

London-based, French-born VJ and artist Pikilipita doesn’t touch laptops. He shows up at live visual gigs toting game systems. Having built mobile projects for the Game Boy Advanced and Linux-based GamePark GP2X, he’s now got a new machine: a Barbie-pink PlayStation 2. Novelty this may be, but don’t think that PS24VJ can’t hack it as […]

Peter Kirn - August 29, 2008

Open Source Trailer for The Unfold, Collaborative Sci-Fi Thriller Film, Released

Worlds Will Shatter – The Unfold trailer from Nine Orders on Vimeo. A Swarm of Angels just announced they’ve released an “open source trailer” — that is, with a Creative Commons license for remixing — for their upcoming collaborative sci fi thriller film. The trailer already demonstrates some of the fruits of this collaborative effort […]

Peter Kirn - August 29, 2008

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