The last few days have brought still more Live tutorials to help hone your Live ninja skills. This time, both focus on racks.

Vocal manipulation with Ableton Simplers. from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

Oliver Chesler of the currently on-fire wire to the ear shares this tutorial using Live’s Device Groups and built-in Simpler. Basically, the idea is to rack Simplers together so you have easy access to different slices. Because these racks can easily map MIDI to different rack slots, there’s quite a lot you could do with this technique.

Oliver ultimately works his magic by manipulating the patterns in Arrange View. You have a couple of options here if you want to work live. You could simply bounce some of those manipulations that would be hard to play back into a slot in Session View. Or, if you want to stay in Session View (the one with the clips), you could try doing more extensive MIDI mappings with the Rack, and use patterns in clips in place of Arrange View.

Need to brush up on the basics of slicing and drum racks first? The good folks of Infrasonik are back with another 101 tutorial:

Ableton Live – The Definitive Guide: Intro to Slicing and Drum Racks from on Vimeo.


Ableton Live Shortcuts in Infrasonik Video, Live Tutorial Player

And yes, I’ll be working on assembling all these videos into one, central location. Stay tuned.