With all the discussion of Processing, I think it’s time to do a proper survey of who out there is actually using this tool to code custom live performance. Robert Hodgin aka flight404 famously VJ’ed with a lovely Processing rig back in 2005, controlled by four glowing Griffin PowerMate knobs. But with Processing a general-purpose tool, pumping out everything from bizarre, animated musical interfaces to data visualizations to interactive installations, it’s often unclear just how many are actually using it live.

If you’ve tried to use Processing live unsuccessfully, I hope to build up some reference materials to make this easier over the coming weeks. But I’m always interested in how people work, from beginners to advanced users. (See our in-progress surveys on Ableton Live and Reaktor on the music side.)

Are you using Processing as a live visual tool? What frustrations have you had? What’s been successful? Got any results you can share, in photos or video?

Do you wish that you could drop Processing sketches into another VJ tool, like Resolume or VDMX? (I know I sure do.)