Kent Williams writes us to share his new, free TR-727 sample pack, based on the Latin-slanted Roland TR-727. Kent explains the hardware:  “The TR-727 is, of course, the ‘Latin’ version of the TR-707 — same hardware, but Latin percussion samples instead of a trap set.”

Also seen on the Ableton Live forums and on Oliver Chesler’s wire to the ear; Oliver evidently owned one of these bad boys! (I miss having gear like this, though I wonder if an open source drum machine for this sort of simple sound could be next.)

So we don’t hose Kent’ bandwidth, here’s a mirror on CDM of the files:

He was inspired by GoldBaby’s recordings of unusual equipment, including the German Vermona drum machine and 606 and 808 sample packs as recorded on a cassette recorder. Accordingly, you get some different variations on the recording, rather than simply making everything “pure” and boring.

4 versions of each sound:

  • Original – direct to RME Hammerfall DSP/Multiface.
  • TubeEQ – recorded through a Behrenger Tube Ultra-
  • TubeAmp-Clean & TubeAmp-Dirty – played through a Peavey Classic 20 Tube guitar amp, and recorded with a Shure Beta 87-A microphone and ART Tube Pre.

More Free Samples:

Here are the sounds that got Kent going. We really need a user sample library up on CDM! Any tips on how you’d like us to do that, let me know.

Free Soundware Round-up: Vintage Drum Machine, Nerdy IDM Samples

Free Tape-Recorded Samples of Roland TR-606, 808

Image by Roland Corp, via a terrific Japanese site full of scans.