The IR-909, a simple but lovely-looking Roland TR-909 drum machine clone, is now available for the iPhone. Description:

IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns and 8 different drum sounds. IR-909 includes individual pitch, attack and length controls for each sample. By default IR-909 comes with 6 different sample packs, these include the original TR-909 pack, TR-808, TR-707 and TR-606 packs, plus two additional ones called "Tech House" and "Kärv".

This isn’t without some caveats. Reader Todd notes that it lacks pattern saving, audio export, and audio import, and tempo adjustment is a bit crude. Then again, it’s available, it works (apparently), and maybe we’ll see some other adjustments in the future. US$4.99 via iTunes.

Interestingly, you can still download the beta for the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware for free – useful if you haven’t yet taken the leap to the new firmware, which is causing some bugs and crashes for many readers.

IR-909 @

The app we’re really waiting for from developer Einar Andersson is his iPhone synth, a beautifully minimalist synth plus step sequencer with modulation via iPhone tilt.

I will actually stick by my earlier claims. The iPhone is cool, and there are some interesting apps for it, but you may actually get a richer experience on a cheaper device via the hacked gaming systems out there and even Palm and Windows Mobile. On the other hand, what we’re hearing from many readers is that the iThings’ controller capability is the real star, and well worth jailbreaking your iPhone/iPod Touch for. (We expect some official controllers, sans jailbreaking, soon.) Then again, that’s why choice is always, always a good thing. A “state of the mobile plaforms” post is clearly in order – expect something later in August.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m back to playing with the DS-10 that just arrived. More soon.