The creator of iTouchMIDI — now iTM MidiLab — writes to let us know that Apple has approved his app. I know various iPhone and iPod touch owners were waiting to turn their device into a mobile, wireless MIDI controller, so this is good news.

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And this suggests, as we speculated, that the problem with Apple’s App Store is simply that it’s overclogged with apps. The other complaints still apply, of course:
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We’ve gotten lots of feedback from readers in our mobile device poll. Basically, I’m aware some of you have use for this stuff, and some don’t — just as with any app that’s specific to one platform. And one message we got loud and clear is that Apple’s gadgets aren’t nearly as affordable in other countries. But we’ll, as always, work to keep a balance of a lot of stuff. The first wave of iPhone apps has now become available, so I expect things will die down a bit and we can see if we can do useful musical things with all this software now!

And yes, we have a lot of non-mobile stories in the pipeline if I can just finish the darn things. (I’m on the road; stay tuned!)