Visualist duo Ivan and Jose have set up a new blog with some very inspiring experiments in live visual control:

If you speak Spanish, you’ll find this to be an invaluable set of resources. If you don’t, you’ll simply enter a hacking wonderland with some mysterious images and videos and (even with no knowledge of the language) still some very handy links.

Among their accomplishments so far: a DIY multi-touch rig controlling Processing and Max/MSP (with MaxLink handling communication between the two).

And for those of you who prefer hardware, here’s the Numark Total Control working in concert with Apple’s free visual patching environment Quartz Composer. Live generative 3D visuals, ho! If you’re a Total Control owner, the blog post has complete details with screen shots and JavaScript scripts that do all the important translation work.

See also the i2offplusr3nder Flickr stream for lots more 3D/Processing goodies. We’ll be staying tuned to this one.