We’ve seen fantastic ways of using the iPod touch and iPhone as controllers, but all require the jailbroken device. Once you up to 2.0 firmware, they cease to work — even if you jailbreak your 2.0 firmware. I’m hopeful that those apps will catch up, hopefully via a mixture of the jailbroken, open-source toolchain and the official Apple SDK. But in the meantime, a very lovely OSC app has shown up on the official App Store. OSCemote (US$4.99) and its free, drum pad-only counterpart OSCemote Light each give you basic multi-touch controls for use with OSC. That should make them ideal for, say, whipping up an impromptu controller for Processing (site | CDM tag). In fact, I may give this a go and start dropping it into my Processing template, so on the fly I can mess with parameters while coding. See also: vvvv, VDMX, and many others for more OSC control.

iTunes links:
OSCemote Light

Via our latest iRoundup over at CDMusic:
iPhone/Touch Roundup: BtBx Acid Bass, iDrum Workflow and Babies, OpenSoundControl App

More on this soon! If anyone gives it a try and does something interesting, do let us know. And you can be sure we’ll have more details on the status of other apps like aka.iphone, mrmr, and i3L soon.