Today on CDMusic, I’m looking at the new OpenStomp, an open source guitar stompbox. That’s the project’s main focus, but dig into the specs, and you find something interesting: an NTSC output. There’s even an example patch with Pong. Using visual programming tools, it should be possible to whip up more.

More on the video is found in the FAQ:

Video is essentially generated in software by the Propeller with a little bit of hardware support. Parallax’s website has drivers supporting both PAL and NTSC. The initial focus will be on NTSC, and the video based pieces of software (like Pong) shipping with the pedal are NTSC based, but conversion to PAL is possible and is supported by the Propeller chip and the Coyote-1 hardware.

It’s just a start, and there’s no video output. But how much fun would it be to have a custom, US$350 video stompbox you could code for? Because the project is open source, and it’s based on the cheap but powerful Parallax Propeller, it should be very possible. Anyone interested in working on such a project, do let us know.

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