Vello Virkhaus’ V Squared Labs takes on some of the biggest jobs around, and has put together 12,000 pixel wide, surround visuals for the Rok Vegas club in Las Vegas. It’s super-gaudy stuff, but I’m guessing the word “subtle” didn’t feature in the brief from this client.

Rok Land
Rok Red
Purple Pipes

Aesthetics aside, those demo videos are a great way of showing off surround content. If you’d like your 360 to be a little less commercial, how about this video for Cut Chemist’s “1st Big Break”:

Cut Chemist – 1st Big Break from eyestorm on Vimeo.

They’re going a little bit far calling this “The first music video ever shot with a 360 degree panoramic lens”, but it definitely has other things going for it.

V2 via VJ.TV.