XLR8R TV Episode 71: Daedelus from XLR8RTV on Vimeo.

XLR8RTV has a fantastic video interview with one of my favorite artists, Daedelus. The man is, as always, like pure musical joy. He talks about his musical influences, the early connections he made (including at USC, alma mater of a number of the CDM community), his approach to live performance, the virally-popular open source monome controller, and, yes, that pro-Obama song. (The original lyrics were catchier.)

The monome connection is an interesting case in music technology. Daedelus was the first artist to gig regularly with the device, possibly helping both him and the monome gain some buzz. It’s not just a gimmick, either, because he remains one of the most virtuosic, erm, monomists on the planet.

But technology aside, Daedelus is one of those guys who can charge up your faith in the future of live computer music. Enjoy!

(And Daedelus, if you’re out there, we’ll have to have you sit down with the CDM TV cameras next time I’m in LA. I promise … well, poorer production values. But maybe we can add some special effects in post or something that XLR8R was too tasteful to do. Like have you fly on your monome as though it’s a magic carpet.)

In other news, CDM’s own Liz “Quantazelle” McLean Knight is featured in a podcast look at the Chicago scene.