This weekend, three things that are supposed to be dead in New York — Midtown, Coney Island, and electronic music — converge in a massive festival that proves otherwise, as seen on Create Digital Music. For the night “innovation stage,” 360 degrees of generative visuals and visualist installation complement the impressive music lineup. And that brings us to some of our favorite visualists:

  • Marius Watz, the talented visual programmer who just moved here to NYC
  • Daito Manabe, doing light sequencing
  • Paul Prudence of London (not familiar with his work, but looking forward to it) — oops, didn’t make the connection: Paul is the creator of the wonderful site; I really look forward to seeing his work in person!
  • Burak Arikan, a gifted and prolific Processing programmer and visual artist
  • Video installations from the video art team of CTRL (Devan Simunovich and Nika Offenbac)
  • Albert Hwang, working with his magical 3D light projections

It’s all good stuff — here are some samples from Burak (working with Richie Hawtin in a collaboration with Ali Demirel):

— and those light installations from Albert. They’re hard to make out in this video; maybe we can shoot some better videos in person.

Be sure to check out Marius Watz’s project Neon Organic, as well, not to mention his fantastic Generator.x site.

Innovation Night Projects
Minitek Site; Festival Tickets and Info

If you can’t make it, no worries — we’ve got a video crew covering the event for CDM, and I hope to sit down for quality time with a number of these artists soon. I’ve got to get all my New York colleagues together to help us organize the Visualist Revolution.