I’ll be in Los Angeles this week and very excited about everything going on. I’m playing the Air Conditioned Supper Lounge in Venice Wednesday night with my friend Steve Nalepa, hosted by the amazing electronic impersario and producer Irwin. (Event info: Facebook | venue) The night, delightfully named Irwin’s Conspiracy, promises to inject some new life into the live electronic music scene in LA, so it’s good stuff. I’ll be working with Kore and Ableton, Steve with Ableton, and hope to get some live iPod touch control action going. If you’re in the area and want to come say hi, just get in touch via Facebook or contact me directly and I’ll put you on the guest list. 9p-2a, $3 bucks.

Thursday night, Owen Vallis is the guest at the Ableton Live User Group Las Angeles, downtown at SAE. He’ll be talking multi-touch goodness, like the amazing Brick table he’s worked on with Jordan Hochenbaum, as well as the potential of the Arduino-Monome clone Arduinome project to which he’s contributing. I’ll be there. 8p, free; see the flyer.

There are also some non-public meetings going on while I’m there that should also bring good things your way, so stay tuned!