mememamo writes in with his audio visual synthesizer exploration project, Visual Space Music.

Visual Space Music is an interactive audio visual installation created in Max/MSP and Ableton Live. It explores the possibilities of space based audio arrangement and mixing. The user navigates through the virtual space, moving through and manipulating audio/visual synthesis objects, creating anything from abstract virtual soundscapes to precise rhythmic space music.

Using a joystick and knob/fader based midi controller, the user navigates through the virtual space, while moving knobs manipulates each synthesis object, controlling how the object sounds and looks in realtime.

Movement in the space can both affect the arrangement of a composition (using space instead of traditional time-based methods) and also the surround mix. The object sounds project from the direction they are in, manipulated by the user’s exploration of the space.

Visual Space Music Introduction (HD) from Ian McKinlay on Vimeo.

There’s extensive software and hardware information on the project site. I’m especially loving the use of Ikea rear projection screens!